Varied massages and body treatments

When we compiled our wellness treatments, our aim was not only built in the usual forms but also try to familiarize our guests with special things. This way everyone can find just the perfect massage. A Swedish massage or a complete body massage with a selected volatile oil – the decision is up to you! 

Dear Guests, if you don’t want to resort to the booked wellness treatment, please notice at the wellness reception min. 2 hours before the booked time. If you cancell the booked treatment within 2 hours we have to charge the half price of the treatment. In case of no show or we don’t get any notification we have to charge the whole amount to the room bill. Thank you for your understanding!

Our professional masseurs offer traditional massages and wind range of treatments:


Aromatherapy Swedish back or part massage

The aim of the back massage is to ease the muscles of the waist, back, shoulder and neck, plus to improve the blood circulation of these body parts. During the everyday stress and strain our muscles become spastic, and a massage can easily help.

Full body massage

During the massage the painfully uptight and spastic muscles ease more easily, the muscle batches dissolve, the blood circulation of the blood improves, and the lymph circulation of the organism starts up. It is highly recommended to those of you who have not got enough time to do exercises.

Refreshing sole massage

The refreshing sole massage is a naturopathy, which helps the masseur to boost the resilient processes of the organism. Massaging the sole, we achieve general refreshing and regenerating effect. Professional sole massage has a positive effect on the function of the insides. Massaging the sole is appropriate for prevention, freshening, and regeneration.

Exotic Saffron Massage

Called “red gold”. It is the first and most valuable oriental spice. There is a very powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals, diminishing oxidative damage caused in tissues and slowing skin ageing. The Saffron massage contributes to the relaxation and well-being of mind, body and spirit.

Exotic Cinamon Massage

Cinamon is a revolutionary product at the Spa that has made it possible to combine the benefits of a cream and an oil. Cinamon contain anti-oxidizing, and vitalising properties. After the massage the skin recovers its vitality.

Delicate Red Grape Massage

The red grape pampering massage refresh the body. The powerful anti-oxidizing and anti-aging properties protect the skin, restore suppleness and smoothness.

Dawn Breeze Massage of the Mediterranean Garden (with facial lymph)

An exotic combination of the light fragrance of lemon, orange, aloe vera awaken the body and soul. The massage increase the daily energy and refresh the muscles.

Lava stone massage

The alternations of the massage fingerings that are applied with warm lava stones refresh our stressed body and tired soul as well. Due to the heat from the basalt stones and the vibration of the minerals, you will definitely feel energetic and fresh after the massage.

Germaine de Capuccini face care

Capuccini Beauty Overture for Woman

An instant pick-me-up for your skin and an introduction to Capuccini facials. A face, neck and décolletage cleansing and peeling is followed by a facial massage with an anti-aging emulsion to protect your skin.

Anti Age Mousse Modellage Lifting Treatment

Would you like to reinforce the natural hidratation and firmness of the facial skin? Enjoy the benefits of the muscle stimulating facial massage and the hydrating and well tonifying mousse mask As a result of the treatment yor skin becomes more compact filled.

Luxus Diamond Vitalising, Pampering Facial Treatment

The exclusive creams contain diamond, hematit, and smithsonit rejuvenat the skin and awake the cells activity. The pampering mousse modellage mask and the infinite Thai enegry stone massage are the real pleasure for the body and mind.

Timexpert Rides Correction Advanced Programme Lines/Wrinkles

Extraordinary global action against expression wrinkles. It helps to optimise the skin architecture and thus visibly minimise the appearance of wrinkles. Discover the perfect harmony of the combination between the biological action of the products. Formulas enriched with pro-collagene, fill and microdermoxine (botox-like). The mechanical action of the aestheticians hand through a specific, correcting and pleasant ritual. Dermatologen getestet.

Timexpert Lift - Advanced Redensifying Firming Programm

In this programme two complementary actions, “lipo-filling and hydro-filling”, are combined to obtain a totally innovative solution for the most visible signs of skin ageing: the loss of facial volume and the loss of firmness. With a spectacular lifting effect and immediate results. The oval appears totally renewed, recovering the density and firmness of youthfulness. Skin is smooth, uniform and radiant.

Excel Therapy Oxigen the Revolutionare Anti - Ageing Treatment

As a result of a double technological revolution Excel Therapy O2 works spectacularly on the signs of ageing: lack of luminosity and comfort , lines, imperfections, helping to maintain your skin s youthfulness and well-being. The results: Skin that is reinforced against the negative impact of enviromental pollution. Skin that „breathes” beauty and appears more youthful.

Capuccini Beauty Overture for Man

An instant pick-me-up for your skin and an introduction to Capuccini facials. A face, neck and décolletage cleansing and peeling is followed by a facial massage with an anti-aging emulsion to protect your skin.

For Men C - Plus Energy

We kindly offer this treatment thos men they facial skin lost vitality, energy ,and elasticity. Afterv the treatment the skin recover the natural balance of hidratation and tone. The Vitamin C increase the elasticity of the skin. Enjoy the relaxing Shi Zen D-Tox Global massage and the refreshing aromas of the For Men products.

Natur Pampering Moments

Our treatment based on the ingredients with natural origin. First the skin cleansed with exclusive products containing white tea extracts and refreshed with white tea nectar cream and an intensive massage. The treatment steps is finished with white tea cream. The treatment leaves the skin revitalised and rejuvenated.

Natur Facial Treatment with Organic Extracts

The organic skincare have been formulated with white tea organic extract, essential oils and ingredients coming from ecologically cultivated plants with no silicones, parabens or artificial colourings. All the products have been certified by the prestigious French organism ECOCERT. The Naturae products are rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and Vitamins C and E and is one of the most powerful anti-oxidising agents existing within nature. The facial massage is a real pampering treatment. The treatment leaves the skin revitalised and rejuvenated.

Body Treatments

Indian Dream Spice Massage Ceremony

The spice exfoliant helps to diminish the dead cells and the special heated air of the Hammam increase the energy stream. The massage oil rich in essentail aromas and the chakra massage ritual stimultae the muscle tension and rebalance the streaming energy.

The Magic of the Silk Route

In the Turkish Hammam leaves to relax the tired body and soul. As a first step in the Turkish Hammam, with spice Asian exfloliator remouve the dead cells and cover the whole body in the oriental silk, which deeply hydrates the skin and provides a satin appearance and silky touch.

Golden Touch Massage Ceremony

In the Turkish Hammam leaves to relax the tired body and soul and envelope the whole body in the creamy gold wrap. The body massage with Gold Nectar and the lymphatic facial massage in the warm of Turkish Hammam gives a total comfort pampering moments for the body and soul.

Pomegranate and fig conditioning

Body scrub and pampering massage with the fantastic smell and softening effect of the pomegranate and fig. The combination of these gives you the perfect relaxation.

Milk and honey hydration

After the body scrub that is rich in sea-salt, we pamper your body with a body butter that is rich in soya milk and honey. It gives you and your skin perfect hydration and recreation.

Cedar and herb conditioning

After the body scrub that is rich in sea-salt, we massage your body with a body butter that contains orange and sage Muscat extract. It gives you radiant and hydrated skin.

Special body treatments

The Presents of the Nature Massage

Enjoy the benefit the spice of the mediterranean garden. The exotic mediterranean exfoliator clean and refresh the skin and the light texture of the massage cream with mediterranean aromas (menthol, orange, lime, aloe vera) nourish the skin and refresh the mind and soul.

Exotic Advanture on the Silk Route

The aromatic Indian exfoliation remove the dead cells. Cover the whole body in the oriental silk, which deeply hydrates the skin and provides a satin appearance and silky touch.

La Contessa Golden Touch

Pampering facial-and body treatment with nourisshing golden algae and an exclusive massage with Thai Voulcanic Pinda Stones to give energy and balance the streaming energy. The gold treatment increase the metabolism of the skin supply nourishing elements and hydratation.

Natur Total Comfort Pampering Treatment

For the organic experience: a sensational therapy with hydrating & anti-oxidising properties, based on organic White Tea extract- a powerful anti-ageing ingredient packed with natural vitamins. Along with a wonderfully relaxing lymphatic draining facial massage, your treatmnet includes a shiatsu pressure point massage.

For Men Red Grape Ritual

The aromatic exfoliation remove the dead cells. An exclusive therapy helps to prolong the skin's youthfulness. A delicate massage with grape cream will relax the senses and achieve skin with a youthful, firm appearance.

Privilege Pearl Face & Body Envelopment

Envelops the skin with a beautiful mother-of-pearl reflections by means of a body exfoliation using pearl powder essence, followed by a white pearl wrap. The massage with the Thay voulcanic Pindas Stones helps to rebalace the streaming energy. The treatment gives more energy and regenerate the skin.

Body scrub

African Argan - Honey Exfoliation

A short purifying treatment with creamy exfoliator containing exotic seeds from Africa and the Mediterranean region. Eliminate the dead cells adn leaves your skin radiant and silky.

Aromavedic Indian Aromatic Exfoliation

An exfoliant, which is incredible blend of the finest, most expensive spices-cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, cardamom effectively eliminates dead cells on the skin’s surface. After remove the peeling, the skin is comfortable nourish, hydrate, smooth.

Whirlpool bath

Capuccini: Red Grape Bath

A TRUE Spa treatment with hydromassage, thanks to the action of the polyphenols, that are found int he pulp and seeds of grapes. This powerful ingredient provides the bath with anti-oxidising and anti-aging properties. The skin appears smooth and supple.

Bath-milk with grapefruit

Pampering, skin-soothing bath-milk that boosts the effectiveness of the immune system with the freshening smell of grapefruit and eases the stressed-caused tension with its refreshing flavor.

Coco-vanilla bath-milk

It is a bath-milk that is rich in sweet almond oil, vanilla and coco volatile oils. It vitalises the body and recharges it with energy.

Rose-Clementine bath oil

It is a classical bath-milk with deep rose flavour that is rich in sweet almond oil, volatiles and red rose leaf.

Lavender bath-milk

It is bath-milk that is enriched with sweet almond oil, French lavender and lavender flowers.

Sauna Seances

Honey-beer Sauna Seance

Ice-mint Sauna Seance

Honey-salt Sauna Seance

Plum brandy Sauna Seance

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