The Wellness section of the Castle gives and exclusiveness experience to the Visitors with its special sidehill localization and the scenery of the Bükk with two panoramic glass walls. At winter with an ideal temperature can the visitors freshen and at summer at the outside pool the always fine breeze from the wood charmes and calms the body and soul of our dear Visitors, disannexed the person from his or her everyday life.

Opening hours:

  • 08:00-20:00
  • Summer: 08:00-21:00

Our skilful and trained curative massagers offer not only traditional massages but a various types of massages, e.g. medical massage, Turkish traditional massage, relaxing massage, body-cosmetics massage and face cure. The Wellness section is opened between 8:00 and 20:00. To make the opened hours longer, you have to arrange time earlier, and it cost more.

Actual Packages

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From: HUF16 900 Ft/fő-től
2019. 02. 18. 2019. 12. 19.

Születésnapi csomag - 10 éves a La Contessa!

Ünnepelje velünk szállodánk 10. éves születésnapját, melyre az Ünnepelt ad Önnek számos ajándékot, gazdag csomagtartalommal. Hagyja magát elkényeztetni és ünnepeljen velünk ebben az évben!


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