Be the guest of the countess for a luxurious gastro-adventure!

Come to Szilvásvárad, taste the fresh flavour of the countryside and let yourself be captured by our homemade, freshly baked bakery, ice-creams or the special, seasonable menu. La Contessa Castle Hotel is a culinary pilgrimage because of the candlelit dinners, the wines of the region, and the carefully selected ingredients.

The elegant a’la carte restaurant of the Castle includes the flavours of the modern reform kitchen, the Hungarian, and those which are typical in the area. Our highly and specially qualified waiters and waitresses have revived some bygone traditions, such as serving in white gloves, but these elements suit perfectly the atmosphere of the Castle.

The kitchen of the Hotel is equipped with cutting edge tools, so we are able to create very special things, such as cooking under vacuum, and smoking our own meats. The uniqueness of our kitchen lies in mixing traditional Hungarian, and modern tastes, so we can make even the gourmet dishes healthy..

Our chef has great work and abroad experiences. He alloys the Hungarian flavours and regional food with the modern kitchen, emphasizing that the bases of these creative dishes are still the rich flavours (provided by the countryside) and the numerous ingredients. This way you are always being served with those fresh, homemade ingredients- like jam, cheese, sour cream, butter – that are from near farms. Of course, the two luxurious sweets cannot be missed out from the menu: fresh trout and truffle.

The Erzsébet Restaurant is the perfect compound of the fine, aristocratic elegance, the culinary delights and the first-class service that is the credit of our restaurant manager and the chef. The variety of drinks was selected by Dr Bence Dula – our wine product manager – to the gourmet dishes.

Bon appetite!

Over the prices indicated, 12 % service fee is charged in our caterings.

Actual Packages

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From: HUF16 900 Ft/fő-től
2019. 02. 18. 2019. 12. 19.

Születésnapi csomag - 10 éves a La Contessa!

Ünnepelje velünk szállodánk 10. éves születésnapját, melyre az Ünnepelt ad Önnek számos ajándékot, gazdag csomagtartalommal. Hagyja magát elkényeztetni és ünnepeljen velünk ebben az évben!


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